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About LAYERWEB “ was launched in January 2020 under the name OBIRNINJA (After 01.01.2023, we have no connection with the obirninja domain name) and transformed into its current and permanent name LAYERWEB on May 12, 2021. Our goal is to enable companies in TURKEY (HOSTING / SOFTWARE / DEVELOPMENT / FACTORY ETC…) to come to a better position in terms of cyber security and to provide this service to you in the best way with our years of experience. If we briefly explain the purpose of establishment of LAYER WEB; is an organization that shares our services marketing (you can contact us via the e-mail at the Footer / Bottom of the site), articles and R&D projects (you can access our posts via google or /blog) free of charge, with the principle that information increases as you share it.”

Who is T13R(Ertuğrul TURAN)?

My software adventure started when I wondered how games are made instead of playing games, years after I met the first computer in February 2009. So why haven’t you heard the name T13R a lot? I can say there are 2 reasons for this; 1) Since I didn’t feel the need to use a nick, I used my direct name/nick(ERTUGRUL) for many years. 2) Due to the fact that there are activities in foreign forums, I went to foreign forums and met with 2 different topics besides game systems. “Security” and “Hosting” along with this acquaintance, for some reasons that caught my attention, my field of interest completely turned to these areas. If I remember correctly, this meeting happened in 2015 and I am improving myself every day in these 2 fields with a new goal of knowledge. While focusing on linux local security systems in this interval, I started to focus on WAF/FIREWALL systems due to the http flood attacks and my Layer7 Firewall project, which we serve you today, started to form. When I met the R10, the development process started to turn into the marketing process. I am currently working as a security manager in a few private companies. Nice to meet you (: